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CRM Support makes it easy to manage your customers and help them succeed.

A helpdesk and customer support system

What is a helpdesk and support system?

A helpdesk system - Kabi Support - is a system used by the support team in your company to manage customer requests (problems reported by customers) and customer support.

Why do you need a support system?

You need a helpdesk and support system because it helps you to organise support requests. The system will help you to easily prioritise each request and who is responsible for dealing with it. In addition, you will have all your requests in one place (not a single request will be lost) and their statuses.

How does Kabi Support work?

Kabi Support allows you to capture customer requests from different sources. The system tracks all claims, their status and the responsible persons who are in charge of resolving the claim. The resolution of the claim itself contains the entire interaction between the employees and the customer, so that the system is ready for several people to work together at the same time.

A helpdesk and customer support system

What are the main features of the support system?

Kabi Support allows you to:   

  • Omnichannel support - the system allows claims to come into the system from several different sources - email, phone, web form, etc. So you have all the claims in one place, independent of the source of the claim.
  • Monitoring and measurement - the system allows you to see the status of the request at any time, who is responsible for resolving it, how the communication with the customer is going, etc. In addition, the system also contains support performance statistics.
  • Collaboration of different users - in larger companies, where there are several people dealing with support, it is not enough to set up a simple support system. Therefore, we have enabled different support coordination options for larger companies to ensure that the request reaches the right support person.
  • Integration with external systems - the support system can also be connected to external applications, websites and IP telephony.  
  • Automation - the support system also allows automation. This means that you can pre-configure the entire support process, which will then work exactly as you imagined or exactly as you want it to.
  • Customer notification - the system also allows you to notify the customer. The customer can be automatically notified of the status of the job from the system via email or sms.
What are the main features of the support system?

The truth about your customers

In the last few years we have seen a drastic change in the relationship between companies and their customers. Your customers have more control, more options and therefore higher expectations.

Today, customers demand a lot of attention and a personal touch.

The truth about your customers

Customer support is not a cost!

It is an opportunity!  

Today, satisfied customers are the recipe for your company's growth.   

Satisfied customers buy more, have long-term relationships with you and recommend your company to all their friends and acquaintances.   

To create happy customers, you need to become proactive in supporting your customers. In addition, you need a CRM system that enables you to do this.  

Customer support is not a cost!

Improve your productivity

Spend more time supporting your customers and less time on unnecessary tasks.

Create email addresses that will automatically redirect all incoming emails to tasks. These tasks will go to the people in charge of customer support.

In addition, you can create arbitrary contact forms to be filled in by customers. CRM Support will convert the completed forms into tasks that will be received by the responsible person.

Improve your productivity

Increase the success of your business through satisfied customers

Be proactive in collecting your customers' opinions, as this will help you understand their needs and improve your service.

Use the Kabi CRM system, which allows you to create and send surveys to your customers to monitor the performance of your work.

This will help you measure the performance of your services effectively.

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Increase the success of your business through satisfied customers