About us

At Kabi, based on our own needs, we developed a CRM system that proved to be an effective tool in managing our customers. Therefore, we have developed our CRM in a direction that is useful for all companies, regardless of activity or size

With the help of Kabi CRM, you will increase the success of your company and raise the level of business. In addition, with CRM, you will increase the satisfaction of your customers, to whom you will provide better services and products

It's time for business systematization, it's time for Kabi CRM.

The cloud CRM system offers you numerous advantages, such as:

  • Faster development
  • Automatic system upgrades
  • Cost flexibility - cost-effective solution
  • Independence - work from anywhere and anytime, regardless of the device or operating system you use
  • Security - your data is archived at no additional cost
  • Connectivity - connectivity with other systems (ERP, etc.)

Kabi d.o.o. has been designing and developing advanced websites since 1994. We also offer our customers online marketing services, purchase and maintenance of computer hardware and software. In recent years, with the development of our back-end system Bananacloud 2.0 platform, we have also developed our CRM program - Kabi CRM

From the very beginning of our operations, we strive for continuous development, so we offer our customers comprehensive solutions. This means that they have all the necessary tools that enable successful business, in one place! The result of this is Bananacloud 2.0 platform

Kabi CRM is part of the solution that is specialized for:

In addition, it is easily connectable with all other Kabi solutions.